Sunday, June 2, 2013

first day without rain in a week and we went to see.... water!

but it was purty!

It's basically been raining here since Mom and Squeeze left last weekend.  My poor friend Sallie got into town on Friday night with her two suitcases in the pouring rain.  Being the good host I am, I greeted her at the airport with her own personal umbrella!

On Saturday, we just didn't even bother with the tourism.  We met some friends for brunch at 2pm, sat there for hours, eventually came to our house for dinner and I believe they left sometime between midnight and 1am.  There are no photos from this adventure.  :)

But there are photos from today's adventure over to the Rhine Falls!  According to my excellent Fodor's book, the Rhine Falls are 492 feet wide, drop 82 feet in a series of three dramatic leaps and are split at the center by a bushy crag straight out of a 19th century landscape painting.  This is a good example of why I am not a writer because here's what I would have said "the Rhine Falls are big and purty".  Also, what is a bushy crag???  That just doesn't sound right....


a view from the back

and a view from the front

we totally took the yellow boat out to the bushy crag

i'm falling!
Sallie, Sophie and Andre pushing their way through the tourists

Sophie enjoying the view from the top 

family portrait!  
Next weekend, we sleep!