Tuesday, November 29, 2011

nerk nerk

more to come later on my immersion cultural training in NYC but in the meantime, i thought someone out there might find this hilarious:

Andre: American Airlines is going under. Hope you don't have a flight with them. ;)

Me: Ummm...you have a flight with them on Friday......

Unexpected Cultural Training!

I haven't even started traveling and I'm already getting all kinds of culturally educated.

With me in NYC this week, we have the following cast of characters:
Chun - Born in Taiwan, raised in New Zealand, been working in Tokyo for the last five years
Eoin (pronounced Owen) - Ireland born & raised
Leonie - Amsterdam born & raised

Apparently, Americans eat LARGE portions of food. Both days at lunch, they've remarked about how much food they were served. Yesterday, we went to an Irish bar. I went with a hamburger and a side of fruit (instead of fries - apparently I'm now sensitive to cross contamination - we can discuss that another day). I can't imagine what they would have said if the giant burger had arrived with fries. As it was, they all ordered salads!

Today, we had a short geography lesson where I drew a map of the US and indicated the locations of NYC and Charlotte. (I won't be winning any prizes for my US map, that's for sure).

I learned that everyone in Amsterdam rides bikes everywhere. Leonie found out that is not the case in NYC when she rode her bike to work (42nd & Madison) from the Chelsea area yesterday (without a helmet, I might add). Today, she attempted the subway somewhat successfully. She rode the subway for two blocks and then walked eight. :) Third time is the charm!

Other notes - two days without a calculator - fabulous!!!

On tap for tomorrow - we meet someone who has been described as "loving the code!" - I'm scared.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


And we've entered the 21st century!

Skype Usernames are available upon request! :)

Just spent 30 minutes skyping with my mom who is approximately 2 feet away.... gotta practice somehow!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out the e-mail I received today:

Hi Melanie

Good news! We received the approval for your working visa form the federal office of migration of Switzerland today. The final approval from the migration office of Zurich is still outstanding but there will be no doubt that we received this answer within some days. The start date 1st January 2012 is therewith confirmed. I get back to you, as soon the visa is ready to pick up at the Swiss Consulate in Charlotte.

Your actual first working-day will be Tuesday 3 January, starting with the two introduction days. More information's will follow in December.

Who's excited?!

WE ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!