Sunday, May 11, 2014

Helloooooooo! Anybody out there?!!?

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!  For today anyway.  :)

So, how's everybody doing?  Life is good here.  Andre and I are both working too much so there's not been a lot of exciting stuff to blog about.

I did participate in a client event in January that involved hiking for 90 minutes up a mountain in the snow to eat cheese and drink wine.  On the bright side, I was not required to walk back down.  Instead, I sledded/sled/slid down the mountain on a stool attached to a ski.  Total insanity.  And you read the beginning correctly.  This was done with a client.

In other news, I had a total American moment this week.  One of my clients gave out banners to everyone that are in the Swiss colors and are shaped like jerseys.  I opened mine and said "hey, cool, now I'm ready for Swiss National Day".  My colleague looked at me and says "annnnnnd the World Cup".  Riiiiiiiiiight.

Let's see.  What else.  I was reminded that even after 2 year and 4 months, I still can't properly mail a letter here.  I was feeling all proud of myself because I finally bought myself some stamps and had successfully mailed a few letters all by myself like a big girl.  On Monday, with a great sense of accomplishment, I dropped off my mothers day card for mom in the postbox on the way to work all stamped and ready to go.  On Wednesday, I opened a letter from the Post Office reminding me that international mail costs more than domestic mail.  Sigh.  The letter was very cool though.  The Post Office went ahead and added the additional postage to my letter and sent it on.  All I had to do was affix the missing postage to the bottom of the letter and mail it back.  The Swiss are very trusting.

And of course, no blog is complete without a picture of Sophie so to appease the masses, I give you...

Sophie playing on the beach!

I thought about promising to update more regularly but I think we all know that's an empty promise so you know, I'll do my best duuudes.

Come visit!!!!  We have a guest room that hasn't been used in ages!