Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Top 10 FAQs

Presumably, if you are reading this blog, then you already know that Andre and I are moving to Switzerland for two years. If you didn't know that, then check this out: Andre and I are moving to Switzerland for two years! Here are some frequently asked questions:

1. Wait. Hold Up. Did you just say Switzerland?

2. Do they speak Swedish?

3. Fine then. What do they speak?
Well as a matter of fact, Switzerland has four national languages: Italian, German, French and a tiny little language called Romansh (wikipedia that for more info). We'll be living in Zurich where they speak something called Swiss-German. Instead of Guten Tag, they say Grüezi. Hence the blog title....

4. When are you moving?
Believe it or not, we truly don't know. We have to wait to receive our VISAs. Once the VISAs are approved, they'll give us about two weeks to get our butts over there and for me to start work. We are currently working with an approximate timeframe of early December.

5. Is your husband going?

6. What will Andre be doing?
He will be working although doing what has yet to be determined. I'm currently pushing for him to become a chocolatier. Suggestions are welcome. Particularly if you know someone in Switzerland who would like to hire Andre.

7. What are you doing with all of your stuff?
We'll be storing most of the furniture. We'll take our clothes (although sounds like they'll be mostly useless in the winter) and we'll be selling our cars. Anyone interested in a 2010 Mazda 3 (16k miles) or a 2009 Honda Civic Si (17k miles)?????????

8. Are you taking the pets?
Of course! All three will be coming with us. Switzerland will actually allow us to bring up to 5 pets with us. That seems extreme so we'll just stick with the 3...

9. Will you send us chocolate?

Maybe. It depends on how much we like you.

10. Can we come visit?
Heck yea!!!

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  1. Andre becoming a Chocolatier.........you are tooo much! Ha!