Friday, January 20, 2012


That's my answer to the question: How are you doing in Zurich?

These people don't eat anything! Well, they do eat, its just that they eat small portions and probably 90% of every meal is cheese. Not ideal for the lactose intolerant.....

Seriously, I'm surviving thanks to two things:
1. Lactaid - Best. Invention. Ever. If anyone is sitting around thinking "I really want to send Melanie something awesome", you have your answer!
2. Snickers - its the only candy bar I recognize. Thankfully, I know the ingredients b/c here the wrapper is in German. Hungry? Why wait? Amen, Snickers, Amen.

I head to NYC tomorrow for a week of training. I'm most excited about the large American size portions of food. Meeeeeeeat!!!! (Andre is very jealous)

Bummer for Andre as he's stuck moving us on Friday when we take over the new apartment. I hate that I won't be here to help him. :)

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