Wednesday, October 17, 2012

United States, Spiders and Guests, Oh My!

United States

It's been a week since we returned from our trip home and I think we have, maybe, just maybe recovered!  Our trip home was great.  We didn't get to see everybody but we did get to see lots of people which we enjoyed!

To summarize:

Things we missed about the US
1.  Family and Friends (awwwww - aren't we sweet)
2.  FOOD!  Mexican food, home cooked food, gluten free pizza, etc
3.  Cheap stuff

Things we did not miss about the US
1.  People who touch our dog.  She bites, people, she bites.
2.  The Humidity - ew, ew and ew
3.  Stores being open on Sunday - It took us a while to adjust to the stores being closed on Sunday here but now we love it!  Sunday = Funday in Switzerland!


In other news, here is a recreation of a conversation between us today:

Andre:  Hey, by the way, there was a HUGE HUGE spider in the guest room this morning.
Melanie:  Ew.  Did you kill it?
Andre:  No.
Melanie: What?!?!  Why not!??!!
Andre:  It was so big it could have carried Sophie away.
Melanie:  So I have a giant spider just walking around my apartment right now.
Andre:  Yup.
Melanie:  Sigh.

On the bright side, Andre got industrious this evening and vacuumed the sucker up!  Apparently, our friend crawled up the wall during the day and was at eye level and bigger (riiight) when Andre got home.  My first question was:  What if he crawls out?!  Andre's response:  Go look at the vacuum.

Works for me!


We have guests coming in January!  Hooray!  Who else is coming to visit!?

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