Sunday, November 11, 2012

Best vacuum ever! Oh, and some wine.

Sooooo, once upon a time, two Americans moved to Switzerland and suffered from price shock.  During that time, the Americans bought the cheapest vacuum available.  Unfortunately, the vacuum turned out to be a dud (shocking I know).  Also, unfortunately, the Americans don't like to vacuum so it took another 8 months before the Americans ventured out to buy another vacuum.  Mostly, the Americans realized they were having friends over in two weeks and the friends might prefer a clean floor to walk on.  Soooo, the Americans headed back out in the wilds of Switzerland to find themselves a decent vacuum.  When what to their wondering eyes did appear?  But the world's easiest vacuum, one that can be used while drinking a beer!

Seriously - best purchase ever!  I can tell you that it works 100% better than our prior method of vacuuming (aka - not vacuuming).  Annnd - it comes with a remote!

It even comes with a camera so that it sees things and doesn't bump into them.  It also returns itself to its charging station when the battery is low.  We're in love.

In other news, for 59 years, Zurich has been docking a bunch of yachts and holding wine tastings on them.  We were quite happy to participate this year.  It was really quite nice.  About 9 of boats had different wine tastings sections and the other 3 had restaurants.  We "tasted" plenty of wine and had a really great meal too.  Much better than my normal German lessons on Wednesday night.  Nerk Nerk.  A few shots of the boats:

this is the inside of the boat

That's it from this side of the pond this week!  

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