Sunday, March 3, 2013

remember when movies were only 90 minutes long?

We've been pretty boring around here lately.  We've done some skiing of course and then otherwise, we've just been hanging out around town running errands and doing our taxes.  We did get adventurous and go out and have brunch last weekend.  Watch out world!

This weekend, we had quite the cultural weekend.  We watched Life of Pi, Les Mis aaaaand Weekend at Bernie's.  :)

After we survived Les Mis, we had quite the lively discussion around the following topic:  Remember when movies were only 90 minutes long?  Or a really long movie was 2 hours?!  Can we bring those runtimes back?  Along with the $5 price?!

I think Les Mis would have been better in the theatre.  At home, it was too easy to do other things.  Check facebook, go get a beer, etc.

I was trying to hold out to watch Les Mis until after I finished reading the book.  However, I've been reading the book on my Kindle for three months and I'm still only about halfway.  Victor Hugo sure had a lot to say about some really off-topic topics...Waterloo, Convents, Paris street orphans, etc.  I blame the Kindle for suckering me into this book.  I think the Kindle should warn you when you start a book that's 8 bajillion pages long.  After about a month of reading, I found myself in a bookstore and I decided to check out how long this *%*^&ing book is.

ummm...holy crap
and that's about one month of reading

I think this will be the end of my "classics" kick.  It started with Pride and Prejudice (which to be honest, I only read because I wanted to read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and thought I should read the original first).  I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the original.  So I thought, hey, maybe I would like some other classics.  It's all been downhill since.

Anna Karenina = whiny and waaaaaaaaay too many additional pages after the book should have ended

Wuthering Heights = full of horrid horrid people

I actually like the story parts of Les Mis.  It's the two hundred page diversions that I'm finding it difficult to muddle through.  But have no fear, I will not let Victor Hugo get the best of me!

And that's your random post for today!  Next weekend, we go skiing again!

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