Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer activities in the snow? totally possible!

We had friends visit!  Which always makes us way more fun than we are by ourselves.

For our first stop, we headed to Engelberg to play in the snow!

For future reference, I recommend that anyone that goes to Engelberg do the activities in the following order:  Ice Flyer Chair, Glacier Park, Cliff Walk and/or Glacier Cave.

The Ice Flyer Chair is just a fancy name for riding a ski lift during the summer for which you have to pay an extra 12 CHF.  As it happens we shared our ride with a man, his wife and son and we got to talking and I mentioned it was a bit of a rip off to pay the extra 12 CHF just to ride a ski lift during the summer.  Apparently he's one of the owners of the company that runs the whole place.  Open mouth...insert foot...  :)

It was fun to be up in the snow during the summer.  There were tourists slipping and sliding everywhere.  The ladies in their sandals were particularly entertaining.

It was a gorgeous day.

We stopped halfway up to have lunch with an awesome view of a lake in the middle of the mountain. 

the view at the top
Enjoying the Ice Flyer Chair!

The Cliff Walk is at 9,900 altitude and it's totally awesome

Ellen and I surviving the Cliff Bridge Walk

Solo selfie at the top!

Group Selfie!

I don't even know.

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