Sunday, April 1, 2012


Since I'm over here preventing tax evasion and all, we thought we'd take a day trip down to Zug to check out where all the US companies are "headquartered". It's actually a very nice city. There is a very modern section with tons of office buildings, shopping, etc. and then there is the old city with a castle (!) and all kinds of totally old stuff. :)

Also, you can buy FRESH pasta, olives and meat right off a cart!

Initially, we had a really hard time with the food here. Of course, I have issues anyway but then we are soooo used to being able to go out and eat whenever we want and that is just not possible here.
First of all, it's too damn expensive. We can't even go to McDonalds for less than 25CHF.
And then of course, nothing is ever open! Seriously. I have no idea how the restaurants here stay in business.
Not long after arriving, we realized it's much easier and cheaper to cook at home. And the food here is so fresh. Super fresh. See pictures.

A few pictures of our outing (the rest are in an album below):

We found a castle!!!! with a moat!!!!

and it's like totally tall and stuff!

We're insanely jealous of these people. We will figure out how to do this.
(you may have to zoom in)

The rest of the pics (with informational captions for those who might be interested in such information):
Zug - March 31 2012


  1. You are making me hungry with the fresh pasta!!! I can't wait to hear about your paragliding experience, sounds amazing and would be absolutely beautiful views! Eric and I saw the 60 minutes feature they did on Zug and all the "headquarters" there. Weird. Keep posting pics!

  2. I LOVE ZUG!! One of my favorite cities.