Thursday, December 13, 2012

I got beat by a Krampus this weekend. How was your weekend?

This weekend, Andre and I headed to Munich to do some Christmas shopping!

I feel somewhat guilty about the lack of sightseeing we did (i.e. none).  This is the first city that we've visited and haven't done any big tourist activities.  We went mostly for the food and the European Christmas market experience.

We tried new foods:

Dampfnudeln - not a noodle at all but a light springy cake drowned in vanilla syrup and topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon

and had plenty to drink:

Gluhwein (aka spiced or mulled wine) - why yes we did "forget to return" some of our glasses - shhhhh - don't tell!

Of course, this being a major city in Europe, we couldn't avoid the tourist sites.  In fact, there was a giant castle in the middle of the Christmas Market!  

And then on Sunday, we're walking along minding our own business when we hear this giant racket and all these creepy goat dudes start running by banging chains and ringing bells.  Apparently, this is the German version of the Schmutzli.  It's called a Krampus and if you are a naughty child, it kidnaps you and takes you away.  We heard several children scream when they came by.  They stopped running not too far ahead of us and so of course, we had to get closer to check them out and take photos!  And that my friends is when one of the Krampuses/Krampi (?) beat me about the legs with his bundle of sticks!  Rude!

And then we came home.  And this is what greeted us.

Walking in a winter wonderland....all day...every day....

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