Sunday, December 9, 2012

Samichlaus and Kit Kat

It's a good news and a bad news kind of post.

Good news first - Guess who came to visit me in the office this week?!?!

In Switzerland, they celebrate St. Nicholas day on December 6.  If the kids are good, Samichlaus comes to visit and brings them chocolates, nuts and oranges.  If the kids are bad, Samichlaus's helper, Schmutzli, comes to visit, kidnaps them and then beats them with sticks!

Apparently, all of PwC was good, so Samichlaus came to visit!

the gift

and the contents!

In the bad news arena, my poor Kit Kat had to be put down last week.  One of the hardest things I had to do when I moved over here was make the decision to leave my two kitties behind.  Mentally, I knew in my head that it was the best decision but it was still really hard to do.  On the bright side, I know both cats totally got an upgrade in life quality.  Armand is currently living it up in Raleigh and Kit Kat spent the best ten months of her life with my friends Kim and Matt.   Kim put up an amazing blog post about Kit Kat (Cardigan Chic: Its So Hard.............) and her totally spoiled rotten last ten months.  I could not have left her in better hands and for that, I am extremely grateful.  

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  1. She was precious. Thanks for letting us keep her while you were gone. I think the question we always had was, could we give her back when you got back to the States. LOL.