Sunday, October 6, 2013

Blogfest 2013 - #3 - Oktoberfest!!!

Yea baby!!!

So we figured that attending Oktoberfest was a mandatory event while living here in Europe.  I'll be honest, I wasn't so much looking forward to it.  The idea of sitting in a tent with a few thousand of my closest friends all hammered off their asses?  Not so much.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  We had a really excellent time.  The atmosphere there is just so much fun.  Before you even go into the tent, there are these huge fairgrounds with all kinds of rides and food and drink booths.  I do, very highly recommend, riding the rides prior to entering the tent to drink!  But anyway, inside the tent, everybody is in a great mood, the band is playing and everyone is singing along.  Sometimes while standing on the benches.  Two drunken thumbs up!

The tents are huuuuuuuuge

this is maybe 1/4 of the tent
and so are the beer steins

His and Hers
somehow, our friends managed to convince us that appropriate attire was this:



a little later

and after
The best part of Oktoberfest?  They close the party down at 10pm!

There are a ton more pictures but they will most certainly not be uploaded to the internets.  Feel free to drop by and visit if you'd like to see the rest!

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