Sunday, December 15, 2013

who knew chocolate chip cookies were so damn difficult?

yea yea i know - i'm way behind on my blog - i've got one word for you....DEAL!   :)

I'll get caught up this week but first I thought I'd entertain you with the stories of my regular everyday life.

Sooooooo as you may recall from a previous blog, here in Switzerland, it's customary to bring a treat to the office on your birthday (still weird but whatev').  Last year, I brought a few different things including some triple chocolate chip cookies which turned out to be a massive hit.  Interestingly, even though the Swiss eat tons of chocolate, they don't appear to have made the leap toward putting chocolate into a cookie.  Probably chocolate by itself is unhealthy enough for the Swiss and they aren't interested in adding butter, sugar, etc.  Crazies!

Anywho, so I thought this year I'd whip up a quick batch of cookies and I'd knock my customary obligation out of the park!

I don't know what the problem was (certainly it wasn't me) but after my third batch of really flat overcooked cookies, I threw a mini fit like a five year old and went to bed early.  Literally pans and cookies all over the counter and they stayed there for days.  I'm surprised I didn't wake up to divorce papers the next morning.  :)

I took a week to cool off and I tried again.  Mostly because during the week, we received Christmas gifts from our neighbors and so now I'm not only ducking my customary work duty but I'm also the crappy neighbor that hasn't given a gift yet.  Sigh.  So, rather reluctantly, I took the cookie dough out of the fridge (the extra from last week was frozen and thawed) and got to work again.  Over the week, I purchased a few molds that were probably meant for jello or something but I figured, I would trap the bleeping cookie dough into a shape so that it couldn't flatten itself out into a shapeless blob.  Take that cookie dough!  And it worked!!!!

I'm so festive.
And then since I only had four molds and tons of cookie dough left (and not enough patience to continue making four cookies every 15 minutes), I decided put it all into a pie plate and see what happens.  Take that Martha Stewart!

I'm going to tell them that Sophie helped.
My poor neighbors.  It's the thought that counts, right?  RIGHT???

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