Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tokyo - Day 1

I tried to think of a clever title but clearly failed.

I'll get to Tokyo in a minute but first a public service message:  beeeeeeeeeeeeep - for the next 30 seconds, this blog will provide you with useful life information.  Dear Americans, airlines in America are unbelievably bad. Whenever you fly, choose a European or Asian airline.  This test will end immediately following the picture of my gluten free lunch provided by Turkish Airlines. Thank you for your attention. 

That's right. Those are lamb chops. And a hot gluten free roll. Oh right AND as much free red wine as I can drink. 

Tokyo - Day 1:

Soooo...moving on...Tokyo is awesome!

I think we made a good decision and booked ourselves on a Tokyo After 5 Tour the day we got here. The jet lag is pretty intense so after landing and navigating our way via train to the hotel, we took some power naps and then headed out to meet our tour at 5pm. There were a total of four of us plus our awesome guide, Meg. Our first stop was a Yakitori restaurant. We got there by walking through some pretty narrow alleys crammed with restaurants. 



After the Yakitori, we headed to Tsukishima to try out Monj-yayaki. We cooked it ourselves while sitting around a very low table. 

They bring you the fresh ingredients in a bowl. 

Chef Andre at work:  Step 1 -  grill the meat and veggies

Step 2 - make a circle from the grilled stuff and then pour the batter into the middle 

It looked pretty gross but everyone swore it was delicious. Unfortunately, the batter had flour in it so I couldn't eat any. 

Andre got me this instead:

I'm going to starve here

We also tried a traditional dessert called tai-yaki.  It's a cake shaped like a fish and filled with different flavored creams like chocolate, strawberry, etc

Andre enjoying his fish

Check out what we saw in front of the Mikimoto store on the way home

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