Wednesday, December 25, 2013

So this one time, on Christmas, I almost got attacked by a monkey

Luckily for you guys, Andre had the camera and was more than happy to take pictures and laugh and encourage me to get closer. 

I blame it on the Japanese. They are far too trusting. They seem to think that if they print it on a sign, people will read it and obey it. Clearly, they aren't accustomed to Americans...

Today we went to the Monkey Park. It was awesome. You can actually walk up to within inches of wild monkeys. So, naturally, I did. 

My first attempt was a success. I said hello. The monkey looked at me and then just moved away. 

The second time, I thought, well hey the first time went well, why don't I try to play with one. So I picked up some snow. 

I waved the snow at the monkey and that's when things started to go south. 

As you can see, the monkey was clearly not pleased. Apparently I didn't back away fast enough and so the monkey decided to follow up his menacing stare with a hiss at which point, I jumped away quite quickly...

I'm surprised Andre was able to take a picture given how hard he was laughing. 

Today's lessons:  #1 Don't try to play with wild monkeys. #2 Obey the friendly informational signs in Japan. They aren't kidding. 

Here are some more pictures from our day:

Ummmm...excuse me, Mr Nice Monkey, I need to get buy...

That's it for now. We're about to have our first dinner at our hotel run by local Japanese folks. I have no idea what I'll be eating tonight. Eeek. 

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

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