Sunday, January 26, 2014

Temples and Fishies and Cats! Oh My!

At the rate I'm going, it'll be Christmas again before I get all trip properly blogged.  Eh well whatdya gonna do?!

first - a quick photo of the city - imagine this in all directions

Tokyo is huuuuuuge (pop 13mil+)

we got lucky with the clear day and got to see Mount Fuji
and now onto the good stuff!


Woooo boy!  If you wanna see some temples, then Japan is the place for you!  I think we saw, somewhere around 8 bajillion. 

Here we have the Sensō-ji temple

this guy represents Nio, the guardian deity of the Buddha

A few other random pics taken while visiting various temples:

Tiny Buddha!


Gotta stay warm

some delicious street food available to help curb your appetite while visiting your favorite local temple

That's it for now.  Many more temples to come when I get around to posting about Kyoto!  Including a gold one.  Oooooooooooo!

Now, onto to the...


In Tokyo, if one is interested, one can find the world's biggest wholesale fish and seafood market.  It's called the Tsukuji Market and it's the largest seafood and fish wholesale market in the WORLD.  Crazy right.  This is where they sold a Bluefin Tuna for $1.8mil last year.  They have a tuna market auction at 6am which is open to visitors at certain times of the year.  The number of people who can watch the auction is limited and you have to show up at something like 4:30 AM to get in.  Unfortunately (thankfully), the auction is closed in December because it's a busy time of year.  Whew.  But the good news is, tourists are allowed into the market after 9am so we can wander around and see all kinds of crazy seafood and giant Tunas.  What a totally weird thing to have become a tourist destination.  And here are some resulting totally weird photos:

The market is huge.  This is one of many many aisles

Giant Tuna!  being carved up!


Man at work.  mmmm Tuna

and now....the grand finale...we paid to see...wait for it...


No lie.  We totally paid 500 Yen to go into a closed off room and pet some cats.  When in Rome....  Apparently, a lot of Japanese folks live in tiny apartments and do not have rooms for pets.  Therefore, you have these places around Tokyo where you can pay a few bucks and go inside for some quality petting time with some cats!

yea - i was totally excited
i was taller than the normal Japanese person so I got to pet all the kitties trying to hide up high!

they go all out in decorating for their cats

ever wondered what a cat looked like underneath?

even Andre couldn't resist playing with the cats

That's it for Tokyo.  Hong Kong and Kyoto to come soon(ish...)

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