Monday, December 16, 2013

Invasion of the Body Snatchers! errr...I mean the relatives came to visit!

We had more visitors!  Aunt Augusta and Uncle Pete stopped by for a weekend visit while out and about touring in Europe.

We're always really glad to have visitors because it gets us out of the house and out exploring.

We took Aunt Augusta and Uncle Pete to Mount Rigi and Lucerne on Saturday and then on a tour of Zurich on Sunday.

Mount Rigi and Lucerne

We woke up on Saturday to a grey overcast cold day.  We almost suggested not going to Mount Rigi but boy are we glad we went anyway.  We found the sun!  Now I think we understand why the Swiss all flee the city and go to the mountains on the weekend.  It's the only way to see the sun - get above the clouds.

our ride up the mountain
that's the cloud layer folks
We didn't really plan well.  Since it wasn't too cold in Zurich and there was no snow on the ground, we all thought jeans and tennis shoes would be perfectly appropriate attire.  

we were wrong
Sophie was better prepared than we were!

even at the top of a mountain, Sophie can find new friends
Uncle Pete trekking through the snow
he made it!
couldn't help ourselves - it's Sophie-Heidi!
After Mount Rigi, we headed to Lucerne to see the Chapel Bridge and have some weiner schnitzel

Andre and I were all excited because Uncle Pete said he wanted a weiner schnitzel and Andre found this restaurant in Lucerne that cooks the weiner schnitzel at your table.  So imagine our shock when we get to the Old Swiss House and we open the menu to read all about the Old Swiss House at Busch Gardens in TAMPA!  Are you kidding me!??!  At least the one in Tampa never cooked the weiner schnitzel at your table so that was cool.  Everyone said the weiner schnitzel was delicious.  Probably because they used approximately 1 pound of butter for each schnitzel!

mmmmm - the smell of melted butter was amazing

it took two people to handle this crowd

And one last shot of the bridge as we headed home:


We were total lame tourists on Sunday and didn't take any pictures!  We did a guided tour of Zurich which was actually really cool for Andre and I and probably much better for Aunt Augusta and Uncle Pete since they actually got to hear the history of the buildings and things we were looking at instead of just me and Andre pointing at stuff and saying hey isn't that cool?!

Who else wants to come visit???

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