Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A very American/British/Australian/Irish Thanksgiving!

It's official.  We're insane.  We did Thanksgiving at our house this year!

Even though our friends volunteered to bring most of the sides, we still ended up cooking most of Friday night and allllll day on Saturday.

I let Andre order the turkeys without supervision.  Before I knew it we had TWO 12 pound turkeys in our fridge.  We ended up baking one and it turned out surprisingly well!

major props to Andre for this!
the other turkey was the big American treat for everyone...we fried it!

Andre and Mitch totally have this under control

needs a bit more oil
we were low on space in the fridge so this is how we kept the beer cold

the table!  for all 14 people

dinner's ready!
trying out the hats mom bought us

the gang's all here!  (except photographer Andre)
Yoda trying on the hat
I believe the rest of the pictures will have to remain offline in order to protect those involved.  

We had a great time and we'll totally do it again another year (maybe in like five after we've finally finished cleaning up from this year...).  

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