Sunday, March 25, 2012

We found Swiss Rednecks!

So every day, I walk to the train station and I pass by some advertisements. I couldn't help but notice this particular advertisement:

Country Bar?! American Food!? Line Dancing Stage?! You better believe I was going. And it was everything I could have hoped for.

The festival was held in a giant barn. And it was completely packed!

Tuff Enuff - They were quite good. The guy in the middle appeared to be playing a pogo stick??

They can line dance in Switzerland! Who would've thunk it!?

So wrong.

What's a country bar without neon!?

It's like shopping at a truck stop!

Our Australian friend, Greg, checking out the merchandise

I wouldn't call the food American. But at least they had big beers!

In other news #1, we finally decided to try out the McDonalds last weekend. Two meals and 4 ketchup packets = 28 CHF. Holy crapola. We won't be doing that again. We can definitely find a better meal for that amount of money.

In other news #2, we booked a trip to Paris for Easter weekend! :)

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