Saturday, March 3, 2012

Da' Hood

It was an absolutely gorgeous day here. Sunny and temperature in the mid 60s. Quite an improvement from the last four weeks of temperatures below freezing. Andre and I got our act together today, went to the bike shop, bought a pump and some pedals and got our bikes ready to roll. Roll....heh heh heh.....get it?? Maybe I've had too much wine tonight. :)

So anyway, this picture is taken from the window in our walk in closet. We live right below a castle and a church. The church has already invited us to services. They sent us a lovely pamphlet completely in German. Due to our inability to understand the services offered, we haven't yet made an appearance. :)

At any rate, today we biked over to the lake. I'd guess it took us ten minutes max to bike to the lake. Here's a picture of the view looking back toward town from the lake (with arrows to point to the castle & church). It's really great living next to the two tallest structures in the city. We can wander and wander, get ourselves totally lost, look around, find the castle and make our way back.

This is me next to the big sign that says "entering the ice is forbidden". I'm wearing my wonderfully appropriate for the weather bright pink wind/athletic jacket. Apparently it's illegal or frowned upon to wear color in Switzerland as I had people staring at me all day long. It was really quite ridiculous. Even Andre noticed it.

This is the Greifensee. Due to the absolutely ridiculous winter that Europe has been having, the Greifensee froze over. It's starting melting along the edges but the middle is still frozen. It's very pretty. The rest of the pictures are below.

Bonus! We got to see some cute bunnies on the ride back home.

In case any potential visitors were wondering about the proximity of local entertainment. This picture was taken from our front window. :)

Here are the rest of the pretty pictures:
Biking to the Greifensee - March 3

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