Saturday, May 19, 2012

awww man!

So Thursday was a holiday here in die Schweiz.  Of course, I took Friday off as well because who wants to go work on a Friday after having Thursday off?  On my wild day off, I went to the grocery twice (yes, twice - not having a car and having to carry groceries limits my purchasing abilities), did tons of laundry and made dinner.  It's a wild and crazy life over here!

For those who aren't aware, when it comes to snacks, I prefer the salty type.  After 4 months of snacking on paprika potato chips (the only flavor available), I was gifted with a glorious bag of Spicy Nacho Doritos (thanks Megan & Ellen!) which I slowly devoured over a few day period.  Once those ran out, I returned to the paprika chips with much less enthusiasm.  During one of my grocery adventures yesterday, I passed by the microwave popcorn aisle (or rather, tiny 1/4 shelf area) and thought, ooooo, popcorn would be an excellent alternative to chips.  So I bought this:

Tonight, after a long day of saving money in Konstanz, Germany, (*see below) I thought some popcorn would be a delicious accompaniment to my beer.  I pulled out the popcorn and only then did I realize:  we don't have a microwave

Seriously, sometimes I think it's a wonder I'm able to dress myself in the mornings.

At any rate, thanks to Google & Yahoo Answers, I was able to recreate the mircowave effect (aka: heat the popcorn) over the stove and this was the result:

Woo hoo!  And to be totally honest, I think it was better this way.  Score one for "old fashioned style".

*Konstanz is a German town just over the Swiss border.
To summarize:
Zurich = World's Most Expensive City
Konstanz = 1.5 hour train ride from Zurich & not on the list  

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