Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Totally Random Update

Happy May 1st to me!  I get the day off for Swiss Labor Day.  Andre on the other hand started his new job today!  Yay!  Yay!  Yay!

A few updates:

Random Update #1:
I took Sophie on a walk around the neighborhood today.  We saw cows, chickens, mountains, fields of yellow flowers - you know, a typical afternoon in Switzerland.  A few shots:

A few escapee chickens:

Random Update #2:
Last weekend, we went to our first movie here.  They have intermission!  And it's EXACTLY in the middle of the movie.  Doesn't matter at all what's going on...  It was very strange but awesome.  During intermission, one can utilize the restroom facilities, one can refill on popcorn and if one wanted, one could refill on adult beverages.  :)  Here's a picture of the Swiss megaplex:

We're in the next to last row.  To be fair, this building was probably built 8 bajillion years ago.

Random Update #3:
Swiss advertising is awesome.

Anyone else suddenly feel like going to work out?

Random Update #4:
We had a street fair outside of our house last weekend.  During the hail storm, Andre and I sat inside our nice warm house and took pictures.  :)

We had lunch at the street fair.

And finally:
Look who made it to Switzerland!

And yes, our pictures are still on the floor.  And probably will be for two years.  Deal with it.

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