Monday, May 28, 2012

Another Swiss Holiday!

Spring is great in Switzerland.  You get the long Easter weekend and then 3 holidays in May!  Sadly, today is my last holiday until August 1 and then Christmas.  It's gonna be a looooong fall.

At the last minute, Andre and I decided to head to Lugano for a short trip.  Lugano is in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland.  It was like traveling to another country but not!  The language was different (that's getting old....) but all the other stuff was the same - signs, plugs, etc.  It's surprisingly comforting just to be able to plug in your appliances like normal.  

Anyway, prior to our trip, we spent Saturday running errands, including picking up the beer we brewed a couple of months back.  Hooray!

First stop!

The view from our balcony at dusk:

and at night:

Andre made me hike yesterday.....
where we started (912m):

and where we ended:

I almost died.

Sophie on the other hand, LOVED IT

She ran practically the whole way.
This is what she looks like tonight:

Two thumbs up for Lugano.  I recommend it as a 2 day side trip for all those coming to visit us.  :)  Speaking of which, who is coming to visit us?!?!?

More Pics:

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