Sunday, July 1, 2012

mmmmmmm Shokolade!

We went to Lindt yesterday and learned all about how to make fancy chocolate.  I'm still mildly nauseous from eating so much chocolate.  It might be a few days  before I actually eat the chocolate we made.  Andre on the other hand has already made a sizable dent in his chocolate....

For those wondering - No - those white outfits did NOT stay white!  See picture...

When we arrived, they made us dress like this:

Then they started playing music and opened the doors to the chocolate making room.  We all looked around for Oompa Loompas!  I'm pretty sure that's the closest we'll ever get to a real life Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory!

We started by filling some pre-made chocolate shells with a champagne ganache.  I think it was a wise idea for the Lindt folks to pre-make the chocolate shells given how much trouble we had simply following directions and filling them appropriately.

Andre testing the filling
fill Andre fill!
They went into the cooler for a while and then step 2 was to plug the filling in with more chocolate!

After those set for a bit, we got to dunk these suckers into vats of chocolate and then either cross-hatch or finish them off with powdered sugar.
Andre, Greg & Jess playing in the chocolate & powdered sugar

While these delicious treats were in the cooler, we got to decorate some pralines.
Andre in decorating mode
Melanie's decorated pralines
Andre's decorated pralines - notice a few are missing....
It's no wonder the Swiss don't like foreigners....
Will, Greg & Andre
The next English class will be held in August.  Who wants to come visit?!?!

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  1. Love it!! That last photo would totally be me, unless they had a vat big enough for me to just dive right into!!