Sunday, July 29, 2012

Movies, Paddle Boating and Hooters, oh my!

It was quite the eventful week here in Zurich.  After German class on Wednesday, I met Andre at the train station and we headed over to the Zurichhorn for a showing of Men in Black III.  They set up this huge screen by the lake and have restaurants and adult beverages all available throughout the movie.    Alas, we didn't realize that the majority of the seats would be reserved so once we arrived, we were limited to some pretty up close and personal seats.  The movie doesn't start until sundown which is close to 10:00pm around these parts so it was way past our bedtime by the time we got home.  We still had a great time and we're totally going back to see Sherlock Holmes in a couple of weeks!
The view before the screen was raised.  At about 9pm.

On Thursday, I went out for a few drinks with some co-workers to celebrate (or mourn) our friend Andy's return to the US.  Somehow or another, I ended up on a paddle boat in the middle of lake Zurich.  The best part -- there were other people doing the paddling so I was able to hang out in the back and take pictures.  Score!

Today was a big day.  Check out what we found in Zurich!
We had nachos, wings and curly fries  :)

And finally, for the haters...
Proof that I do work.  Occasionally anyway...

Have a great week!  We'll be in Barcelona if anyone needs us.  Bwuhahahahahahaha!

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