Sunday, July 22, 2012

Paris Take 2

The highs and lows of our weekend in Paris:

High - Checking in on Friday and being upgraded to a Junior Suite!  Sweeeet!  :)

Low - Waking up Saturday morning and stubbing my toe so hard against the doorstop that I think I broke it.

High - Saturday was Bastille Day!

We realized it was Bastille Day when jets started flying overhead.

We chose to sit in a cafe eating crepes during the parade.
We saw the parade on t.v. and then 5 minutes later, the real thing came by on the side street.

Low - We totally didn't pay attention to time on Sunday and ended up missing our train home.

Sophie & I waiting on our new train.
High - The only seats left on the next train home were first class.  :)

I think the entire trip was a high for Sophie!  The waiters at the various restaurants gave her water and ham and then on Sunday she got her very own hot dog!

Sophie *might* be spoiled.....
Living the good life.  Wind in her hair + Eiffel Tower in the background.

In other news, I got a haircut!!!  My first one since December.  I know it's ridiculous but I've been terrified to go get my haircut here.  What if they don't speak English and they cut off all of my hair!?!??!  I find a nice salon run by two ladies from South Africa who speak perfect English.  Thank goodness.  

Coming up soon:  
Wednesday - Men in Black III on a ginormous movie screen above the Zurich lake!
Aug 1 - Aug 5 - BARCELONA!!!

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