Monday, December 5, 2011

Making Moves in NYC!

Aside from all the fun stuff we've been doing in NYC, Andre and I are getting all kinds of things checked off our list.

#1 - Global Entry Program ( - Instead of having to drive to Atlanta, we were able to take the subway over to the JFK airport and do our interviews and fingerprints there. Now we just wait on the FBI to run our fingerprints through their system and verify we are not wanted or crazy criminals. Fingers crossed! Global Entry is a program that will allow us to basically skip the customs line whenever we come back to the US. It's a $100 for a five year program. Totally worth it in my opinion....

#2 - VISAs - Also supposed to obtain those through Atlanta, however, my super resourceful husband looked up Swiss Consulates and noted there is a consulate approximately one block from our hotel. He walked right on over, delivered our paperwork and now we can pick up our VISAs on Thursday!

Other NYC activities worth noting:

Friday night
- best gluten free food experience ever - Had dinner at an Italian restaurant ( where almost the entire menu was gluten free! They even had gluten free breadsticks!! After that, we headed to Tu-Lu ( which is an entirely gluten free bakery. I basically bought one of everything they had to offer. :) For those who might be worrying, have no fear, we visited a full of gluten bakery for Andre where he purchased plenty of his own goodies.

Saturday night - Met up with some friends and had dinner at a Thai restaurant which was followed up with Karaoke at MK Karaoke ( We had our own private room complete with two microphones, two flat screen t.v.s and two light up tambourines (and possibly an adult beverage or two...). A good time was had by all!

Sunday - Involved several naps and walking around NYC. Details available upon request.

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