Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We're heeeeere!!

We made it! We landed just before 8am (Zurich time) on Tuesday morning. According to the pilot, it was 24 degrees Fahrenheit. Not great but it'll do. Today it warmed up to 40!

Things we learned traveling overseas:
1. When connecting through NYC, pay close attention to the airport you are arriving in and the airport you are departing from. It's entirely possible that is not the same airport. Relocating from LGA to JFK with 11 pieces of luggage = HUGE PAIN.
2. When checking more than two pieces of luggage, call the airline to discuss the fees. The fee information on the website may not be complete. For American Airlines, it is most definitely NOT complete.
3. Airport wireless is slow. Download movies, music, etc BEFORE arriving in the airport.

Upon arrival, our wonderful relocation agent picked us up and brought us to our temporary apartment. She gave us a tour (which was very short since its a one bedroom apt) and then headed off into the sun. Andre and I promptly collapsed into bed for a 3 hour nap. :)

We got our butts out of bed and headed out into the city. We still have a LOT of work to do but we are reeeeeally glad we took some German lessons in Charlotte. While every person we've encountered so far speaks English, we've noticed that most of the signs and directions are in German. We managed to get ourselves to the main train station, exchange some money, and buy 2 brats and a small coffee for a snack. Total snack cost = 17,20 CHF = 18.26 USD. We bought some groceries and then we came home and sat on the couch staring blankly at the t.v. watching How I Met Your Mother dubbed over in German in a vain attempt to keep ourselves awake. We lasted until 8pm.

I read for a bit, fell asleep and then woke up wide eyed and bushy tailed at 2am. I sent a few e-mails, played on Facebook and cruised the web for a while. I gave up, turned off the light and I estimate that I fell back asleep around 4:30/5ish. I woke up again at 10:30. :). Andre did a bit better then me waking up for a bit over an hour around 5 and then falling into a restless sleep until about 10. We both have high hopes for an uninterrupted nights sleep tonight. Fingers crossed.

Today, we got up and went exploring around the city. Link to pictures below. Since today is Andre's birthday, we went out for a nice diner and then bought him some delicious Swiss chocolate for dessert. Lucky for me, he shares his chocolate!

Snow in the forecast for tomorrow & Friday!

12 28 2011


  1. Awesome (well except for the not sleeping part). The city looks beautiful.

  2. So glad you made it! I look so forward to reading about your adventures! Have fun!

  3. you made it!! love the huge chess board. stay warm!