Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pet Update!

After much discussion, hand wringing and crying, we finally decided that it would be best to leave our pets in the states. We'll be living in a smaller place and we plan to travel a lot so we don't think we'll be around to really take care of them (on top of having to spend our life savings to bring them over).

Armand has gone to live with Andre's friend Wendy. We drove him to Raleigh on Tuesday afternoon. He was on his best behavior when he met Wendy and I can tell already that Wendy is going to spoil him rotten. Armand's quality of life just quadrupled.

Kit Kat has gone to live with my very wonderful friend Kim in Knoxville. We drove Kit Kat to Newport, TN yesterday for the handoff. Apparently Kim's husband has been looking for a reason to steal Kit Kat ever since they visited us in Charlotte last summer. I know Kit Kat is better off. In fact, if I pass away and come back as a cat, I definitely want to be one of Kim & Matt's pets!

Sophie, the world's cutest & best behaved dog, is going to live with Andre's parents. Its no secret that Andre's mom has been trying to steal her back ever since we stole her originally!

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