Saturday, September 1, 2012

Catching Up #1 - Limmatschwimmen 2012

Hello world!  The last couple of weeks have been crazy here.  I've been put a special project at work that involves commuting an hour in the morning.  These crazy Swiss expect me to be in another town, an hour away, at 8am!  Yeesh.  I long for the days of leaving my house at 8:45 and being at work by 9am.  :)  Point:  US

Of course, the great thing about Switzerland is nobody lets work get in the way of fun!  So even while working a lot, we still get the weekends off and an occasional day off as well.  Point:  Switzerland

One of those fun things was the Limmatschwimmen.  The Limmat is a river that flows from the Zurich lake through Zurich city.  For the last 49 years, Zurich has held an annual event where a bunch of folks (4200 this year) jump into the river and swim (or float) down for 2km.  The weather was perfect this year.  Sunny and almost 90 degrees.

Some pictures from the event:

Andre enjoying the Swiss river & a Swiss beer!

we floated under two bridges!  and yelled appropriately!


They handed out the yellow butterflys but some folks brought their own floats.  This one was particularly impressive.

Ignore the peeps (who were lovely) and check out the scenery!
More posts to come over the weekend.  Right now, Andre is forcing me to change out of my pajamas (it's 1pm here) and go to the grocery store.  Rude!

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