Sunday, September 16, 2012


I think after our first 8 months, the excitement level has died down a bit.  Here are the exciting things going on in our lives over the last few weeks:

1.  Yesterday, Andre and I spent more money at the Lindt Factory store buying chocolate for our trip home than we spent at the grocery store for food for the next two weeks.  :)

2.  I was helpful this week!  I've been stopped a few times by people asking for directions and have never been able to assist before.  It's always nice to be stopped though because at least that means I at least look sort of like I belong and not like a total tourist.  But anyway, this week, someone asked me for directions (in English) and I was actually able to help!  Wooooo!

3.  I paid off my student loans.  Wooooox2!

4.  As we were walking Sophie yesterday, we passed a field of sunflowers where you could cut your own.  Today I bought a vase and Sophie and I walked back down to cut our own flowers.  Fun fun!

That's all folks.  America watch out - we invade Sept 29 - Oct 9!

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