Saturday, September 1, 2012

Catching Up #2 - Prague!

So a week before we were planning to go on a trip, we sat down to plan our trip.  We chose Prague as it was the cheapest option!

It turned out to be a great choice.  The city was beautiful.  And cheap!!  I was quite nervous before going as it's the first city we've been to where the language was completely foreign to us.  It turned out not to be a problem at all.  The people were very friendly and almost all of them spoke English.  Of course, it helped that we were mostly hanging out in the tourist areas.

We definitely recommend Prague as someplace to visit.  We'd be happy to take you when you come visit!  :)

Our ridiculous hotel room.  Suite for about 100 Euro a night.
The exchange rate was about 20:1 so this is about $200

We stumbled upon this open air market on our first morning.  

mmmm - fried potato on a stick!

The Powder Tower - built in 1475 - one of the old city gates

The Charles Bridge with the Prague Castle in the background.

Why not?

St. Vitus Cathedral
inside of the Cathedral

Old Town Square

Our dinner restaurant was a steakhouse.  Love the decor.  Cowboys & Medieval dude.

Our other dinner place - 5 course meal and a show!

View of the city from the Powder Tower.  St Vitus Cathedral waaay in the back.

One more blog tomorrow!  Who's excited?!

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