Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fun with Numbers!

Instead of a detailed update on the last two weeks, I thought I'd update with some important stats so far:

1 bazillion - Approximate number of times Andre and I have uttered the phrase "holy crap that's expensive!"

579,345 - Approximate number of time I have uttered the phrase "holy crap it's COLD outside!" - I love the actual current forecast for this week - Tomorrow = clear & bitterly cold and Tuesday = frigid with low clouds - not just cold but bitterly cold and frigid - awesome

137,328 - Approximate number of various flavored tiny chocolate squares consumed to date

71 - Number of days since Nov 27 (when I headed off to NYC) that I have been living out of suitcases - We got our shipment this week and I finally got all of my clothes put away today!

50 - approximate number of bottles of wine guzzled to date

28 - number of countries with people attending my training last week - I learned a lot of excellent cultural things - For instance, European men think American men wear their suits 2 sizes too big

5 - number of times I ate lunch WITH people this week! hooray!

4 - number of trips to IKEA in the past 7 day period (the amount of money spent far exceeds 4.....)

3 - number of times I accidentally set off the emergency alarm at work by exiting through the emergency door at work (that's a story for another blog post...)

2 - number of comforters on our bed - in our attempt to be swiss, we've adopted the swiss bed making style - one comforter for each person - this works well for Andre and I - especially since I don't share well :)

1 - # of super fun winter things done to date - today we went ice skating!

I'm ready to skaaate!

April & Jonas

Proof that we can stand on ice!

How cute are these? The penguins are for kids learning to skate!

Please also note, the lady on the left wearing a cow skin for a coat.

Not sure what I'm doing here...

Now that we're finally in our permanent apartment and more or less unpacked, we should have much more exciting Swiss related posts to come!


  1. Awesome! We had fun with you guys today!

  2. So excited you got your things!!! And, glad your finally able to enjoy your time in Swissland. LOL!

  3. American men just don't like to look metro while wearing thier suits...

  4. I love reading your blog! It makes me laugh hysterically, of course that is with you not at you! As far as the bed covers go, Greg and I have always slept with our own blankets. I learned that early on...he is cover hog!