Saturday, February 18, 2012

Skiing! (and Singing!)

Today we got all adventurous and went by ourselves to Flumserberg. It was a gorgeous day here. We're having a regular heat wave. It got up past 40 today. Wooooo!

I believe if I have my facts straight that Carneval started yesterday. There was all kinds of strangeness going on on the slopes today.

Exhibit A: A giant green human caterpillar

Exhibit B: I don't even know....

And Exhibit C - We're just sitting there enjoying our lunch when this huge group of dudes comes in, they order some drinks and then they bust into song (chant? moan?):

We took a bunch of pictures today. Here are a few of the best. The rest are in an album below.

Question: What happens when you wake Melanie up early, don't feed her and make her carry ski equipment halfway across the country?
Answer: This

At least we got an awesome reflection of the mountains on Andre's snowboard

Here comes Andre!

real mature Andre, real mature...

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  1. Price had that very same caterpillar thing when he was a wee one. It's a play tunnel... Though the cats tended to enjoy it more than he did!