Sunday, February 12, 2012


We hit the slopes today! We went with 8 other people to Engelberg. According to the Engelberg website: the ski terrain is largely designed for advanced skiers.....

We went straight to the top of the mountain which involved first a gondola ride, second a ride on something called the Titlis (???) and then a third ride up on a circular gondola thingy that spun around. Finally arrived at the top (10,000 ft) and almost instantly died from frostbite. Seriously. It was FREEEEEEEEZING. We took a few pics and then headed over to put on our equipment. About the time I got my skis on, a huge gust of wind came through and almost knocked me flat on my bum. Once recovered, we headed down the slopes. Pretty sure it would be the equivalent of a double black in the states. It wasn't pretty but we survived.

Overall we had a fantastic time. We are super sore already so I'm sure tomorrow will be rough!


Holy Crap! Take the Picture. I'm freezing!

Me in the center. Check out that form!

Rumor is, that's a lake in the summer.


  1. You do have good form! Awesome pics! Can't wait to go skiing with you guys!!!

  2. Looks awesome... and COLD!