Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Swiss News

But first a comment or two: It's snowing like crazy here today! I'd say for the last several weeks, we've had steady snow showers that keep the total accumulation to about an inch. No big deal. Today, I'd guess we're up to about 3 or so already and the snow is still coming down. It's so weird to be at work and not at home avoiding the crazy southern drivers while eating my bread and drinking my milk that I purchased at the grocery store yesterday!

I really am having a hard time focusing at work. It's like my body is programmed to stay home when it snows. I guess that's what 30+ years of living in the south will do to a person.

I did wear my snow boots to work this morning. They look phenomenal with the rest of my work outfit. If you're lucky, I'll let Andre take a picture later.

Anywho, a couple of pieces of news came out today that I thought were particularly interesting.

#1: Confirmation that my timing is generally horrible: Zurich has overtaken Tokyo to rank as the world’s most expensive city for the first time in 20 years

#2: Immigration issues are not limited to the US. It's weird being an immigrant and thinking there are people out there who don't want you here for no reason other than you aren't originally from here. Obviously the issue isn't that simple. Still.

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